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The Foundation for the National Interest shall be a world-class and fully independent institution devoted to the pursuit and promotion of Philippine national interest.

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The Foundation for the National Interest is dedicated only to the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence on issues imbued with existential and transcendental national interest

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FNI's Values

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FNI is not beholden to any specific interest group or promote certain
ideological perspectives

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FNI is committed to meet the highest standards of academic and scholarly research while fully respecting and protecting institutional and individual academic freedom


Objectivity & Unbiased

FNI takes no sides on public issues other than the promotion of Philippine national interest. Its pursuit is to bridge the interest gap between the government and the governed.

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FNI values diverse ideas and knowledge regardless of the individual from whom it emanated. FNI also provides equal opportunity for all to be heard and understood regardless of their ideological, educational, social, or political orientation.

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FNI promotes love of country and assists in molding all Filipinos, especially Filipino public servants, to be exemplary citizens of the country.

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