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FNI holds a series of various undertakings to promote the Philippine national interest. These undertakings engage the government and the governed alike.

Researching and Writing


Conducting research, information gathering, and analysis on various strategic issues confronting the Philippines and its relations at the regional and global levels

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Organizing and facilitating rational, multi-sectoral, and non-partisan dialogue and debate on strategic domestic and international issues affecting Philippine national interest


International Linkages

Establish international linkages for the pursuit of scholarships, intellectual exchanges, publications, and other analytical activities


Training & Capacity-building

Provide training and capacity-building programs for government institutions and their leadership on policy analysis and development, strategic studies, and quality management systems

Publishing House


Publishing analytical papers, commentaries, and working papers on various issues of regional and/or national significance

Making Posters


Committing to capacitating young leaders, thinkers, scholars, and officers in the academic and policy communities through educational grants and other training opportunities

Go Team

Domestic Partnerships

Constantly maintaining a pool of dedicated and patriotic individuals able and willing to promote, protect, defend, and enhance Philippine national interest wherever they are

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Establishing institutes and centers dedicated to scholarly and policy-oriented research, conferences, and workshops

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