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Newsletter Issue 7, sr. 2021

July is brimmed with news of highs and lows.

At the 100th anniversary celebration of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping renewed his stake on the island of Taiwan, claiming to be a "historic mission" of paramount importance. China is testing the waters by renewing threats on Taiwan; both the U.S. and Japan have mounted concerns over China's increasing resolve to take the island.

Major powers are likewise taking big risks in engaging in the South China Sea disputes. Siding seemingly with China, Russia undertook similar tones condemning British freedom of navigation operations in the Black Sea, expected to make headways toward the disputed region. HMS Queen Elizabeth's Carrier Strike Group entered the South China Sea on the 24th. Germany also held a dialogue with China early July urging the Asian giant to uphold the Arbitration award.

Newsletter Issue 7, sr. 2021
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